Friday, January 1, 2010

Genting Highlands -- New Year 2010!! ^^

Thank you new year eve.. give me a chance to meet him again..
last time i meet him was before christmas.. ><
i always busy with work.. no time to accompany him.. but he never blame me..
thanks for he always understand.. lov him so so so much..

i feel sorry.. if i make him boring..
i'm a quiet person.. seldom talk and dont like to talk much..
a barber said i'm a quiet guy..
my old frends.. even say so..
i had ask my colleague few days ago.. am i a quiet guy??
my colleague said.. absolutely yes!! .. @@ lol... =.=

he... always look cute in front of camera.. thats why i like to take his picture..
so so so so many pic i have took.. ^^ i just can upload some here.. huhu

after countdown.. we joined a party..
see.. he's good dancer.. huhu
in the party .. got 2 stranger guys try to harassment me..
1st they try to push me dancing..
then they dancing next to my skin just behind me..
i feel weird.. why they want to do that on me.. lol..
he said they like me... wtf!! ><

one of them even seizing a opportunity to kiss me..
F F F!!!
what a new year party?? look like gay pub!! ><

any where.. he look like quite enjoy with the party..
hopefully he like this journey and the "new year gift"!!

p/s: "new year gift" same as "christmas gift"..
jus b'cos i always forgot pass the gift to him.. and too bad christmas already pass..
so he asked me to rename the gift.. so.. "new year gift"!! ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gavin Daily ~ Part 1

Avatar - The best movie i had watch for year 2009!!

19th Dec 2009, 2pm.. my fren wake me up for movie Avatar..
this is the best movie i had watch for 2009.. my personal view~~ ^^
i dont know how to explain how best is it..
i only can let you guys know.. this is the type of movie i like.. ^^

after movie.. we went for dinner..after that i went for drink with another gang of frens..
i just feel weird that night.. why all my frens so curious about my neck..
actually i had cover my neck with my jacket collar..
but donno why they still can saw it... aduh!! ><

they are so funny.. keep going asked me the related my neck question.. haha

they asked me.. so many hoh.. ^^
...oh gosh!!! so stimulate.. must very wild ya?? ~~ ^^
...aiyo~~ so many ar?? i introduce some medicinal ointment for u.. after used it very fast recover.. heheh

about their question.. i dint answer them.. i just keep smiling.. ^^
and actually i already have an answer in my heart..
... yes.. so many.. but not enough.. i wan some more.. ^^
... yes very stimulate.. and i like wild.. ^^
... no need medicinal ointment.. i wan keep it.. on my neck and .. chest.. ^^

To Be Continue...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st meet ~ part3 (End)

15th Dec 2009, Tuesday..
my phone ringing..
awake me from sleep..
i picked up the phone..

i know is he..
i open my eyes slowly..
oh gosh... outside so dark..

dammm it!! i'm late..
i promised to meet him at 7pm.. lolzz...

that night was a raining night..
after taking bath..
i rushed out from my house
1st time i drive from SK to shah alam..
i'm lost..for many times.. ><

9pm something ..
i met him..
for the 1st time.. finally ^^

he came into my car..
seat beside me..

i feel nervous..
but try to be cool..

he said he not yet eat..
i know that's cos of waiting me.. ><

he gave me a surprise when we going to McD..
he kiss on my face..
i cant breath for few seconds..
then my heart beating faster & faster.. ><

after McD.. we went for Movie - Twilight New Moon.. at Berjaya Time Square..
I holding his hand.. walk around Bukit Bintang..
he said to me.. we just like inside a movie.. haha.. so funny.. ^^
he gave me some special gift.. for my neck and my chest..^^

he is hot..
many times.. he made me almost loose control...
at toilet.. even inside the car..
luckly.. he know to stop me at the last minute.. huhu

At the end.. i want to say

Dy.. u make me crazy!! ><

something i want to show him before i end up this entry..
i saw this in my yahoo inbox last night.. which i dint open it for a long period.. @@

Dy.. i won it too.. hahahahahahha :p

Sunday, December 13, 2009

1st meet ~~ part 2

Tuesday... Tuesday... Tuesday is coming soon...
arg~~~~~ how long time i wait for it...

on phone with him just now..
1 and half hour.. this is normal duration.. lol.. ><

then continue with this
fb chat..

ask me dont screen shot...
hahaha.. i know actually he was remind me to do so...
hm... so.. i jus shot la.. and post here.. ^^

still planning for Tuesday... erm.. take dinner.. then back home.. is that ok?? huhu.. ><

To Be Continue~~~

Saturday, December 12, 2009


every times, when he feel sad, he will upload
this photo as his fb profile pic..

yesterday.. i called him..
on phone.. he told me he is drunk..
he said he is unhappy.. something happen to him..
he crying..

if i'm beside him sure i will give him a big hug..
but... haiz...
i donno wat to do...

the day.. i cant sleep well.. :(

today.. he is missing..
i twit him.. he no reply..
i fb him.. he no reply..
i sms him.. he no reply..
i'm worry about him...
Dy.. sms me when u see this entry.. Gavin love u..

To Be Continue...

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